Making making making! / by Tamsin Arrowsmith-Brown

The development of the Helen's slipware is going really well. We've started getting our first batches of bisque from the slip-casters and we've been glazing and applying the transfers in the studio. We're working out a couple of teething problems but the results are looking really great - I'll post some pictures when we're ready!

My own work is going well, I'm working on adding some larger pieces to the range which is going reasonably well, though I've been suffering with a few cracked bases. But I'm following Helen's advice and making sure that the bases are really well compressed and that I let them dry super slowly before firing. Fingers crossed!!

I also did a talk at the London Potters AGM to speak about Adopt A Potter and went to Hatfield 'Art in Clay' to man the tombola stand which was great fun! It was fantastic to meet so many lovely potters and see such a lot of amazing work. It was also more good research for planning my stand for Ceramic Art York ; )