SUMMER! / by Tamsin Arrowsmith-Brown

Doesn't time fly when you're making pots? 

It's June already and a lot has happened since my last post. Ceramic Art London was a roaring success for Helen and a fantastic experience for me in preparation for York. And also for Ceramics in the City which I am also delighted to say that I got into!

Since then we have been very focused on developing Helen's slipcast range, preparing forms to be cast. They are all with the mould maker now, so while we wait for them to be ready Helen has time to prepare some work for some upcoming exhibitions. We've also just shipped out some collections  of Helen's work to the Affordable Art Fair and the Joanna Bird Gallery for upcoming exhibitions.

My focus has turned to working on making stock for Ceramic Art York and Ceramics in the City. I've sketched a plan of all the items that I need to make for York which makes me excited and terrified in equal measure! 

I'm also preparing for my first talk as a potter! I'm speaking as a representative of Adopt-A-Potter to speak at the London Potters AGM. I'll be alongside Kevin Millward who is going to do a demonstration, so I'm pretty excited to see that. 

Then in a couple of weeks I'll be off Hatfield for the Art In Clay fair where we'll try and drum up some funds and support for Adopt-A-Potter.